About Us

Jay Thompson is a name that rings with respect in the sports betting industry. For twenty five years his plays have been the industry standard in terms of accuracy, delivery time and frequency. Jay started his foray into the world of sports and betting at 19 years old, with no where to live and not a dollar to his name he met his mentor. Jay has spent years befriending mathematicians and other noble scholars in pursuit of one that would help him pursue his dreams of making in big in the betting world. Jay scoured baccarat tables far and wide looking for the right fit, h 


It was on the golf course that Ben Hashimoto. Ben's mathematical abilities to set up algorithms for Jay to run the proper testing has proven to be not a benefit to Jay, but a necessity.


Jay and his team bring to you real time information in an age where information moves hands faster than ever. Making it, in Jay's opinion, the worlds most valuable commodity